Smartview edutech Pvt Ltd

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Core Team

A desired result requires a well-planned strategy and perfect execution. These senior executives, heading the entire workforce of 200+ people ensure error-free operations and immaculate execution of the plan. With unparalleled commitment and dedication, they oversee the entire operation of Smartview Edutech pvt ltd. They own and share the vision of their organization and inject energy and enthusiasm into their team members while directing and enabling them to perform at their highest potential. 

Mr. Kaunish Das


Mr. Kaunish das a renowned progressive educator, a visionary who is the keystone of the school’s progressive educational philosophy is several educational institutions. He is recognized for his rigorous, innovative educational training, he has offered students & staff a breadth of stimulating and challenging programs. He strongly believes that appreciation for diversity in our community is an integral part of the educational journey of teacher’s & learner’s life. His training sessions reaffirm the ethical and moral development of students and lively discussions focusing on values evolve naturally.

Ms. Susmita Pal


A young, enthusiastic and passionate performer, she has transformed Edify inside-out. A leader-administrator, a laser-focused individual and a person with high ethics and values, she walks her talk, leading by example. There is a human touch to her professionalism, which is well depicted in her philosophy. “Education not only ought to teach us how to make a living but also how to live, live a life not only with confidence and high self-esteem but also with morals and values.”